Juju Hats

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Juju Hat White
From £170.00 - £375.00
Juju Hat Teal
From £170.00 - £375.00
Juju Hat Burgundy
From £170.00 - £375.00
Juju Hat Yellow
From £170.00 - £375.00
Juju Hat Red
From £170.00 - £375.00
Juju Hat Black
From £170.00 - £375.00
Juju Hat Pale Pink
From £170.00 - £375.00
Juju Hat Orange
From £170.00 - £375.00
Juju Hat Pink
From £170.00 - £375.00
Juju Hat Purple
From £160.00 - £299.00
Juju Hat Royal Blue
From £170.00 - £375.00
Juju Hat Set Of Eight
From £1,075.00 - £1,400.00

The feather Juju Hat or Bamileke hat from Cameroon has become a contemporary interior necessity. What was once and still is a traditional ceremonial hat worn by the chiefs or high priests in Cameroons rural villages is now being adorned in all its feathered glory and vivid colourways on some of the most luxurious homes and hotel walls around the world. Top interior designers are using Juju Hats constantly to add colour, texture and more importantly a visual fantasy to their clients homes. Available in many colours including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, burgandy, silver, white, black and pink. And if we don't have the colour in stock we can order it in for you. Our hats have feautured in many national and international home and interior magazines which shows how these beautiful feather wall hangings have become a part of the interior design scene. 


The Juju Hats are made in rural villages in Cameroon by incredibly talented craftsmen and women. They are made using feathers from chickens which are dyed two or three times to get the rich colours just right. The base of the Bamileke hat is made from thin grasses and wood. Tied together using plastic string. The hats are then fumigated and we bring them to London.

If you have bought a Juju Hat and wonder how to clean it follow these simple tips:

1) When you first receive the Juju hat open it up immediately to air it out.

 2) Use your vacuum cleaner on the lowest possible power to clean the feathers by vacuuming from the middle outwards. You should do this every two weeks.

 3) If the feathers get ruffled or go out of shape use water on your fingertips and pull the feathers gently into shape again one at a time.

4) Your Juju Hat is textile so may attract moths. Keep a moth repellent hidden in the middle of the feathers or place a sticky moth trap at the back or near the hat. Cedar    wood balls or cedar wood sap can also be used to keep moths at bay. Or find a brand name moth repellent to put on your hats.


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