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Juju Hat Red
From £170.00 - £375.00

We may be all about offering modern, fun and contemporary products, but we also know the need to have a relaxing night’s sleep never changes. That’s why our bedroom range offers the best from both worlds of comfort and innovation. What is your bedroom’s colour scheme? Think about colour psychology and how light fittings can either offset or enhance the effect of vibrant and calm shades.

Consider if you want a subtle and soft glow to relax, or something more illuminating to showcase your style. The bedroom should be an escape from the stresses and strains of life, so cushions and soft furnishings will add to the atmosphere and help you unwind. If time is of the essence, a funky clock can help ease the pressure.

Turn the walls into a canvas by putting up some photographs, taking the time to choose the right frame to match your style. Studies show that using your smartphone or iPad just before going to bed can affect your sleep patterns. Put your devices on a shelf or in a wall cabinet so you’re not tempted to pick them up during the night. Or just switch them off!