Floor Lights

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One of the best things about a floor lamp is its versatility. Position it at the side of a room to cast a soothing glow or put it centre stage to attract attention. It’s ideal for filling an awkwardly shaped corner and, unlike a fixed light fitting, it can be moved at short notice. A well-placed Floor lamp can make low ceilings seem taller, especially when placed near a corner or at an angle where surfaces meet. This useful effect is magnified when the light is switched on and shadows are set free to run over the walls.

How much natural light is there? Are you looking for more than one floor lamp? Think about whether you want them at opposite ends, emphasising contrast, or close together, promoting harmony. There is the wide range of materials and colours to consider. A sleek and shiny steel lamp can foster a sense of modernity and minimalism. Choosing more relaxed tones and styles will mean you and your guests don’t feel under the spotlight.