Table Lights

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A straightforward but striking way to alter your home environment is by introducing a table lamp. First, consider the colour schemes of your surroundings and whether you want to accentuate a mood or reduce a dominant shade’s impact. Second, consider the many different types of table lamp available, and the effect they can have. Do you want something large, funky and unique that demands attention? Or are you looking for something smaller, more functional and keeps you company while you work?

Then there’s the convenience. A table lamp is easy to move around, it’s not heavy, and there’s no need to climb a ladder to change the bulb. Talking of bulbs, you can get some excellent results by mixing up lamp and bulb sizes. Try a large bulb with a small lamp fitting, and vice versa. After you’ve put all that thought into choosing the right table lamp, it’s time to make sure you have the right table.