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A London based design house creating handmade home interior products from our everyday urban environment.recasting some of our most recognisable features as practical and decorative products for the home.

The London Brick Vase is one of their best known products and really makes an intriguing product that is practical as a flower vase and comes in six great colours which are light blue, yellow , raspberry, white, grey and a molten red. Each of them having a character of its own. The great ceramic vases make for a special gift and haev that longevity accociated with them. Great design made from an everyday item that we see all the time. 

StolenForm have a growing range of products that include the brick vase, brick dish, salt and pepper set, condiments sets , the chimeny vase , man hole coasters , tin can mugs and many more. 

Great quirky design that is lovely to hold and to use daily.