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Fallout -Poster
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Flower Shade
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Frantic- Poster
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Buying a wedding present used to be so simple. Before the big day a wedding list would go round, detailing all the possible gifts that guests could buy to help the newlyweds set up home. There would be everything from toasters to towels via vacuum cleaners and microwaves. But these days, it’s common for a couple to live together before they get married.

That means they often already have many of the items that would normally appear on a wedding list. So that means you can be more creative with your gift ideas. And that means you can browse websites like ours, which stock a huge range of funky, stylish, designer products that are perfect for those “what shall I buy for the couple that already have everything” situations. 

As well as weddings, we specialise in supplying gifts for all other special occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas, or even just those “because I want to” occasions. And you’ll find our range reflects people’s characters. Have you got a flamboyant friend with a colourful personality who likes to be the centre of attention? Many of our gifts are equally flamboyant, available in vibrant colours and deserve to be in the centre of a room.

Have you got a friend who always chooses the best clothes, is up-to-date with latest fashions and looks great at any time of the day or night? Consider some of our hand made products, made using elegant materials and created by high quality designers.

And if you’re buying a present for someone you don’t know very well, someone who you want to impress, or someone to whom you want to make a statement, our range is diverse enough for you to find something appropriate yet unique. For example, you could play it safe by presenting some designer plates. You could experiment with giving a quirky kitchen clock. Or you could  test their responses by offering a romantic sweet bowl.