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Juju Hat Yellow
From £170.00 - £375.00
Flower Shade
From £29.95 - £39.95

First impressions count, and a little time taken to invigorate your hall can set the perfect scene for your visitors. What’s the lighting like? Does it welcome people with a warming glow or does it put them under the spotlight? Would adding a chandelier instil a sense of sophistication? Would a pendant light put people at ease? Is there room for people to hang their coats? Let a selection of designer coat hooks hold their attention as well as their clothes.

How much hallway or corridor space is available? Would a sleek table be appropriate? If yes, how about placing some contemporary accessories on it? Could the walls be used as a canvas for an unexpected yet attention-grabbing clock? Or is there potential to improve the light and add a sense of spaciousness by hanging a mirror? Will there be lots of doors for you and your visitors to negotiate? Rather than hold them open or risk them slamming shut, get a helping hand from a willing army of striking yet stable door stops.