lyon Beton

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Lyon Beton are a French design house who specialize in the design and manufacture of concrete furniture and home products. They work best with three materials. Water, sand and cement. From a project of one off furniture designs Lyon Beton came about . The three main designers  Bertrand Jayr, Henri Lavallard Boget, and Alexandre Dubreuil, who are as enthusiastic about concrete as designers in the 1950s were about plastic. Their passion for design transcends into awesome furniture and quirky home accessories like the Cloud  Toilet Roll Shelf and the Brain Bookends. Their use of everyday shapes and imagery enables them to engage with an audience worldwide. Their collaborations with artists on the FRAG range adds another dimension to their offering , giving artists a way to showcase their talents on concrete canvasses. Lyon Beton bring a unique range of concrete based interior and outdoor products to the masses.