Dining Room

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Juju Hat Burgundy
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The growth in popularity of open-plan kitchen and dining rooms offers many exciting opportunities to get creative. Consider the shape and angle of your dining room table. With a round table, you can fit more people in, making it cosy and relaxed. A square table can be more formal, although you can offset this by adding some quirky or funky chairs. It’s often the little touches that can elevate an evening. You could get the conversations flowing like a good wine by serving food on a set of designer plates and pouring drinks into a set of stylish cups or mugs. Some fashionable tableware can complete the scene.

If you want to express your taste in art, or simply have some reminders of friends, family and good times, you could hang some pictures on the wall. Depending on your colour scheme, make use of the many materials available, from wood to steel. Will you be using your dining room for other purposes? Depending on your lifestyle maybe it doubles as an office or as somewhere for friends to crash? Our selection of contemporary accessories will ensure your dining room is always appropriate, whatever the occasion or celebration.