Contract Lighting

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 Click here to see some  of our clients amazing finished interiors.

For architects, interior designers, or indeed anyone that is looking for something extra special in their project lighting, we have a range of exciting possibilities. The saying “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, first uttered by the artist Leonardo da Vinci and later used by Apple for promoting one of their early computers, applies to many of our products in this category.

Take our selection of pendants for example. Whether you are looking to install lighting in a domestic setting, or you’re designing for a commercial space such as a restaurant, hotel or office, these beautiful examples of elegant illumination will leave a lasting impression on you and on visitors. The availability of colours and sizes varies, but the solid shape and exquisite design remains the same, meaning that these fine examples of project lighting are appropriate in many environments.

If you’re seeking something striking that will leave a lasting first impression, consider the Ice chandelier range by &Tradition. Made using hand blown glass and anodised aluminium, these iconic creations will lend a sense of great gravitas wherever they are hung. Suitable for most areas of the home and in commercial venues, they can look particularly charming in a stairwell or in a hallway. Opting for chandeliers opens up many interior design possibilities, particularly when used in rooms with high ceilings.

We understand that durability and reliability are essential elements when deciding on the type of project lighting needed. Rest assured that all of our products are made using the highest quality materials. Tough yet translucent, classic yet contemporary, they will suit most environments, marrying a sense of elegance with a delicious touch of sophistication.

Our customers range from professionals working on behalf of corporate clients to enthusiasts looking to introduce a contemporary style to their home. If you are new to this type of lighting, we’d advise consulting someone experienced who can guide you and offer advice on what you’d like to achieve. Some of the factors to take into consideration include whether you want to accentuate shadows around the walls, or highlight a particular feature in the centre of a room, and what impact a new light could have on existing colour schemes.

If you are looking for any particular light for your project and cannot find what you want on our website please email your specs to and we will endeavour to source the exact lighting you are after.

Click here to see some  of our clients amazing finished interiors.