Payment And Security


Ordering and paying for online orders with Design my World is both safe and secure. Security is one of the greatest fears when placing online orders and we as a company have invested in a totally secure and safe site for you to shop via Shopify and their encryption software. Once you checkout, we encrypt all your details using Internet standard encryption technology (SSL)

If a site is secure a padlock will appear in the bottom right hand section of your screen when you are in the credit card entry area. Occasionally, the padlock will not be visible but the page is still secure. If you do not see the padlock, you can check by right-clicking anywhere on the page (except on an image) and select Properties. If the URL starts https: the s indicates that the page is secure.

If you do not want to place your order over the web then look and browse through the site, make a note of the items you want to order and ring our sales line on 0844 357 4508 to place your order. It's easy!

US Dollar and Euro prices may fluctate from day to day as they remain constant with the British Pound exchange rate. If you are not sure about the pricing please contact us on