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Make turning on a light something to behold by choosing a designer bulb that puts the spotlight on your contemporary home. Light bulbs are an ideal way to transform the character of a room, in terms of illumination and in terms of style. If you have a bright, modern interior, choose an appropriately high-end filament bulb to emphasise elegance. If you’re looking for a light bulb for your living room or bedroom, choose one that gives a gentle glow, relaxing and informal. And take the time to match the light bulb with an appropriate light fitting.

What colour schemes do you have, and would you like to reduce or reinforce their effect?  Make the bulb centre stage, accentuating the shades, intensifying the mood of the room in question. Or let the light bulb  act in a supporting role, complementing and encouraging existing schemes.  Whatever your intentions, our range of designer light bulbs will showcase your home — and your taste — in the best possible light.