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One of the great things about choosing a contemporary table is the range of options to choose from.

 When thinking about the type of table you want, first consider its main purpose. Will it take centre stage as a dining table, in regular use for meals with friends and family? If so, a blend of practicality and solidity would work well. Your guests will feel relaxed and reassured, free to focus on the food and drink. And for the conversation, add an unusual or designer table to offer a talking point. 

If you're going to be entertaining guests or regularly hosting social events, consider the fact that for some reason, people almost always converge in the kitchen. Embrace this by selecting a funky table to enrich the atmosphere. You may also want to look for a table with a finish that can be cleaned in the event of a spilt drink!

Evaluate the furniture layout in your home. Do you see any awkward areas where nothing seems to fit? When people sit on your sofa do they struggle to find somewhere to put their drinks? A side table can transform a previously under-used space so take some time to measure up your room dimensions.

Looking for something eye-catching? What about using a table as a platform to showcase your lamp or piece of art or any other home accessory? Think about the different materials available and how these can have an impact. Want a futuristic look? Consider metal or chrome. Or for something timeless, try a combination of fine glass surfaces supported by some shapely legs.  

 Don’t underestimate the effect of lighting. Your quirky table may look great illuminated by a strip light in a kitchen, but in the living room, where lighting tends to be softer, you may want to opt for something subtle.