Tala Voronoi 1 Bulb and Pendant Light


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      A beautiful contemporary if not surreal LED light bulb which becomes a pendant in three colour variations. Tala have created a stunning selection of tinted light bulbs and the Voronoi range are their stand out products. Hand Blown with sculptural forms and bio-mimicry at its core the Tala Bulb and pendant range rake their inspiration from natural shapes and lines creating interior lighting that not only created beautiful light but also adds natural shape and form where there may have not been before. A unique designer light range that enhances any interior with a contemporary style sense.Tala donates a percentage of revenue to global tree planting organisations.

      NB. Low light source- 10W Equivalent incandescent power.


      Also available are Voronoi (II)2 and Voronoi (III)3 versions all with the option of a pendant light holder and as larger ceiling clusters.

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