5 Great Ways To Add Colour In Your Home With Juju Hats

Posted on January 24 2020

5 Ways To Juju Up Your Home With A Juju Hat 

The Juju Hat is a traditional feather hat from Cameroon used by dignitaries and chiefs to convey wealth and stature. The beautiful artisanal hats are now sought after contemporary accessories that adorn the walls of many houses, restaurants, bars, hotels and offices around the world. Here are 5 great ways to use the Juju Hat in your interior. 

1) In Your Lounge.

Most of us use our lounge every day. It’s that room in the house where we come home from work and just want to sit and relax in. A place to watch a bit of TV and chat to our family or friends. A Juju Hat in the living room adds to that peace and tranquil feeling that we all desire. A focal point in the room where the colour and texture of the feathers and rattan can add to our peace of mind. A stylish feather wall hanging that has warmth and splendour. When you walk into a living room that has a Juju Hat hanging your eye is thrust immediately towards it due to its colour, size and energy. These beautiful feather wall accessories are unique and always make a statement.

Juju Hat hanging in the living room or lounge

2) In the Dining room.

The dining room has always had a smart feel about it. Images of aristocracy with large tables and lavish amounts of food accompanied by gold and silver cutlery and bone china crockery come to mind. These days dining rooms centre around the family, dinner parties and friends. A Juju Hat on your dining room wall creates a comfortable mood. A place to relax and enjoy a great meal with style. Juju hats come in many varying colours. So depending on your colour scheme you can choose a hat that blends in or bursts out.

Juju Hat - Bamileke Hat - hanging in the dining room.

3) Above your fireplace.

Be it in your lounge, bedroom hall or bathroom a fireplace will add character and warmth to your room. There is always though a gaping hole on your wall above the said fireplace. A perfect space to hang your new Juju Hat. So instead of having the standard mirror-look for your chimney breast put up a beautiful, colourful and textured Bamileke Hat / Juju Hat. You will not be sorry and it will be a talking point with all who may enter.

Juju Hat hanging over the fireplace.

4) In Your Bedroom.

Our bedrooms are our sanctuary. A place to rest our heads and re-energize. A Juju Hat gives our bedroom soul and adds a unique element which only Africa can bring. The soft feathers and deep colours add warmth and serenity, bright colours give you a focal point and the size adds an element of surprise and height. A Juju Hat becomes an essential part of your interior design.

Juju Hat hanging in the bedroom.

5) Cluster A Few Juju Hats Together.

On their own Juju hats are an impressive sight on the wall. Cluster a group of Juju Hats together and not only do you have an amazing site but you also have a work of art. Juju Hats are essentially art pieces in themselves, made by artisans from rural villages in Cameroon. Each Juju hat is slightly different in size, colour and texture so when you bring a few together you will be creating a unique work. The Juju Hats are available in a myriad of colours, designs and sizes. Flat and full coloured hats in deep pinks, oranges, reds and blues, creamy whites and pastel tones. Sizes range from 80cm diameter down to 30cm diameter or have one commissioned for you with your own specific dimensions and colours. The main feathers used are chicken feathers ethically sourced, cured and dyed and then fumigated. If you require more exotic feathers, Ostrich, Guinea Fowl and Peacock are also available.

Juju Hats hanging in a cluster of different sizes adn colours.

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