Juju Hat Red


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      The Red Juju Hat is beautiful and striking. The Red Juju hats are one of our bestseller and give a living room or dining room that colourful focal point which becomes a talking point. The feathers  give great character and as the light moves so do the shades and shadows on each feather changing the look all the time. 

      This wall-mounted Juju Hat also know as a Bamileke headdress makes a great decoration for your home, with the lush feathering lending extra texture and character to any wall. Available in many colours including red, white, orange, yellow, blue, purple, pink,black , green and almost any tone you want.  it makes a fantastic focal point in any room and adds warmth and character to bare walls.

      The Juju hat is a traditional Cameroonian ceramonial hat. A piece of richly feathered headgear traditionally associated with royalty, senior politicians and dignitaries. Now its also a wonderful contemporary wall hanging which features in many homes. restaurants, bars, hotels and retail shops. 

      All Juju Hats are made to order. Delivery is 10-14 days via DHL. 

      Dimensions: Diam 80cm/34inch Weight 1.8kg

      Materials: Cured Feathers Textile

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