Bee Eaters Stamped Wall Art Poster By Hershgold


Paper Finish
Light Blue
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      The Bee Eater birds are striking in their colourful appearance the. This Wall Art poster of these beautiful and graceful birds shows them in flight swooping and diving to a contemporary rythm not in their intense natural colours but  . A colouful yet peaceful design that adds movement and calming hues to your interior. The art has an underlying style harking back to the 1940's.  Available in Pink,Eggshell Green and Light Blue Backrounds or if you prefer your own colour in the backround please contact us to discuss your personal choice. The poster is exclusive to Design My World and was designed by Dana Golberg ( photographer) And Dean G Hart ( Graphic Designer) for Design House Hershgold. 

      Available as an unframed poster in sizes A1, A2, A3 or A4. This is a portrait shaped poster. If you would like a different backround colour to this wall art poster please contact us for further details.

      N.B.The framed images are added here to give you an idea of what these posters will look like framed.

      Made to order . A commissioned item.

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