Where Does Contemporary Lighting Work Best?

Design My World knows that there is a school of thought that would only put contemporary lighting into a modern, sparse space. However, we feel that we have a contemporary lighting solution to complement every space. It’s simply a matter of finding the right design piece.

Here are some examples of how to use contemporary lighting to great effect, in a surprising way:

Contemporary Lighting For The Lounge

Stark, modernistic spaces are all very well but who wants to ‘lounge’ in a white box? A lounge needs to comfortable, and layers of texture can create this level of ‘comfort’ as well as adding interest to an interior scheme.

Fabric wallpaper, multi-layer curtains, rugs on wooden or tiled flooring, and piles of cushions in varying fabrics and designs can all create a ‘soft’ look that is instantly relaxing. Adding a tactile lighting solution is the perfect way to complement this look in a contemporary way.

The ‘Beads’ pendant lights by Innermost are a fantastic example of a ‘tactile’ looking design. The pendant consists of a cluster of large, round, metal balls that glisten and beg to be stroked and explored – if not literally then at least visually.

Contemporary Lighting For The Kitchen

A kitchen can be a difficult room to light as simple and clean tends to work best. This is where contemporary lighting solutions such as Sofie Refer’s Bulb Pendant come in. Simple yet striking, it’s ideal for any kitchen – be it ultra modern or a shaker style country kitchen!

This pendant also looks great when clustered in a group, or hung over specific spots for extra illumination.

Whether you prefer the clean lines of a modern interior scheme, or wish to add contemporary touches to a softer, more personable look, we’re sure that Design My World has the ideal contemporary lighting solution for you.