Toilet Paper Shelf

Toilet Paper Shelf By Lyon Beton

Lyon Beton Concrete Cloud Toilet Roll Shelf Storage


Having a beautiful home with beautiful objects calls for designing each room as an individual but linked space. The bathroom is no exception. We want our bathrooms to also have style and elegance and contemporary simplistic and modern feels and looks. Our everyday needs should be catered for but also a feeling of space and simplicity. The one thing we all have in the bathroom/toilet would be toilet paper. Lyon Beton in France has come up with the most elegant and contemporary storage shelf for keeping toilet paper rolls off the floor and onto the wall.  Lyon Betons incredible and tireless work to create concrete furniture and accessories that fit seamlessly into an interior make these items even more special.

The Cloud concrete toilet paper shelf has been a revelation to many a toilet and bathroom. The design simply works. The shelf is shaped around the toilet roll, it fits onto an existing wall and stores multiple toilet rolls at once. When it is up on the wall filled with toilet paper rolls it does look like a cloud that is floating across the sky, hence the name cloud concrete toilet paper shelf.

Lyon Beton has created a large range of products, but this product stands out as one of their best sellers selling all around the globe to contemporary conscious minds. The design comes in a variety of sizes. A large cloud DB-09104 which holds up to fourteen (14) rolls of toilet paper is the biggest of the range. Its dimensions are 74 x10 x17cm and weighs 3.9kg. The small cloud DB-09120 holds a maximum of eight (8) toilet rolls and has dimensions of 55x 10x 12cm and weighs 3.2kg. The most recent Extra Small Cloud Concrete toilet roll dispenser DB-09170 holds just two (2) rolls but can also be used to hold your mobile phone or key if need be. This XS version which has dimensions of 25.5 x10x 11cm fits next to your toilet like a normal chrome dispenser. Considering that concrete is quite a heavy material these items are quite light. This is due to the concrete mix that has been formulated by Lyon Beton for their product range.