Stolen Form Brick Vase


A vase for all interiors. This is such a unique and quirky vase that it has become a best seller. The ceramic earthenware vase is designed and made by London based design house Stolen Form. It was one of the first products they put out into the market and because of its smart and well thoughout design is becoming one of those objects that could be a classic in the future. The vase is based on the actual London Brick Companies bricks used for building. Stolen Form takes well known everyday indistrial shapes and products and reforms them into everyday producst for the home. The first incarnations were white only which then moved onto a white with coloured interior. These second versions didn't quite hit the mark with the public so the designers at Stolen Form put their heads together to come up with the All Colour Collection. The colours are earthy and not too bright which works with most interiors blending in well. The light blue has that beach house feel. Blue is a very calming colour and the Vase does excude this kind of feeling. It would look great with some white and yellow flowers. The Vase is available in a sunny yellow that has depth and excudes a sense of being in a warm climate. The yellow versions do look great with an olive branch or greenery. If you have a love of concrete or like the industrial look the grey version will suite. The grey colour is not too dark and in different light looks a little silver.  The brick vase comes in two different red tones. The raspberry and a molten red. As per the names one knows that the raspeberry will be a more of a pinky red and will be a slightly more solid colour whereas the Molten Red Brick Vase which has a slightly different manufacturing process i much more fire engine red. The molten red versions are each quite different when they are made and some may have much more white than red. The firing tequnique makes the end product more random which does add that unique quality.