Pendant Lights to Fulfil Your Innermost Desires

Innermost is a London lighting brand with innovation, quality and wit at the core of its designs. Design My World is proud to stock the deliberately different pendant lights from Innermost’s diverse pool of international designers, and we’re sure that you’ll love the select Innermost designs that we hold.

The Bubble Light is one of Innermost’s most iconic lighting pieces, and was designed by Innermost founder Steve Jones. This simple, yet stunning design begs to be caressed, consisting of the smooth curves of stacked bubble-like globes of ascending size.

The Bubble Light comes in beautifully glossy white and black, or copper and silver with a mirror-like reflective shine, and would look perfect in any room of any home.

While stunning, the Bubble Light is elegant rather than overpowering, and has a timeless quality which means that it easily lends itself to any interior scheme. Its clever aesthetic conceals the LED bulb light source, and the 4 metre long cable can be shortened to suit the space.

Perfect singularly, stunning when grouped, the Bubble Light is completely versatile and is a piece that will out-live interior trends and last a lifetime.
Another beautifully tactile design by Winnie Lui for Innermost is the Beads Pendant. Made up of reflective beads in chrome, copper or black, the genius geometry of this piece means that, when illuminated, the light reflections create a rather unique and spectacular effect.

Available at Design My World in the ‘octo’ and ‘penta’ shapes Beads is a stunning example of the show-stopping pendant lights that Innermost prides itself on.
If you’re looking for something that bit different, that will provide a real talking point in your home, then an Innermost design is sure to fulfil all your lighting desires.