Our Clients - A Few Of Our Commercial and Private Projects.

Mango Tree Hong Kong | Steve Leung | 157.com | Mega Bulb Sofie Refer

Restaurant - The Mango Tree Hong Kong


 Mango Tree Kowloon | Steve Leung | 157.com | Mega Bulb Sofie Refer

Mango Tree Restaurant Kowloon, Hong Kong. Pendant Lighting


 Taylor St Baristas Canary Wharfe | Woodsbagot | Mega Bulb Sofie Refer

Taylor St Baristas Canary Wharfe Pendant LIght Design

Visionapartments | Millitrasse Strasse Zurich Switzerland | JUJU HATS | CAMEROONIAN BAMILEKE HATS

Juju Hats in Vision Aprtments in Switzerland

Juju Hats in Vision Apartments Zurich


 Hotel Majun | Dolomites Italy | Sophie Refer Gold Mega Bulb - &Tradition

Hotel Majun in Dolomites Italy. Pendant Lighting

Hotel Majun  Dolomites Italy Glass Pendant Lights 

 George Clarke's TV Show | Old House New House | Juju Hats 

Juju Hat in George Clarkes Tv Show " Old House New House"

Watch Retailer DWL | Burlington Arcade | Dthree Studios | Farah Goldberg -Interior Architect/Designer | Hammerton Lighting 

Dthree Design Studio - Burlington Arcade