Light Up Your Life With Contemporary Lighting

At Design my World we believe that great design can make your world a better place, and the magic of light offers a great opportunity to create a fabulous focal point to any room. There’s no joy or excitement to be found in the boring, mundane and run of the mill, whereas the contemporary lighting solutions in our range will light up your life in spectacular style.

The Innermost Beads pendant light by Winnie Lui is one of our most interesting and unusual design pieces. Made up of large metal beads in either chrome, copper or black, the clever geometry of the beads creates infinite reflections on the interior, giving the pendant a magical quality.

This touch of design magic is what Design my World strives to represent, and you’ll find that magical, other worldliness is a theme which runs through our range. Some pieces play with proportions for an Alice in Wonderland feel. A good example of this is the Mega Bulb Light by Sofie Refer. This giant bulb light offers a simple design with a fun and interesting twist, for those who like to supersize their surroundings.

Those who like to keep things regular sized may prefer the smaller Bulb Pendant, which is simplicity itself and would fit perfectly into a modern scheme with clean lines and unfussy textures.

If you like to keep your interiors modern, why not go that one step further with a brave foray into a futuristic feel? The Innermost Bubble Light by Steve Jones is a beautiful example of a contemporary lighting design with a futuristic slant, that is neither harsh, cold or unattractive. The beautiful stacked orbs come in copper, black, white or silver, and would lend themselves to any room of the house.

Contemporary lighting designs offer an exciting opportunity for you to create a stunning focal point in any room. Be brave, go bold and trust Design my World to light up your life.