Lift Your Home’s Look the Easy Way with Quirky Home Accessories


In these busy times, it can be difficult to find the time to re-decorate. Yet a few well-placed home accessories can lift your home’s look out of the style doldrums with minimal effort and expense.

Candles, vases, photo frames and mirrors can all add light and life to your interior décor without breaking the bank; and can be moved around, swapped and changed with the greatest of ease.

If your heart says yes but your budget says no, then the Black & Bloom Loop Candelabra is a gorgeous alternative. Elegant and with a simplistic aesthetic, yet actually subject to some rather complex mathematical calculations, this vase will look stunning displayed with a single tall bloom of your choosing.

As well as beauty, here at Design my World we are also partial to a spot of sharp wit. Home accessories needn’t be mundane and serious, Elephant Candle Holder and the Baobab Mirror  illustrate perfectly.

When it comes to accessories that can make or break a room, lighting is something that deserves careful consideration. The possibilities are endless, from multi-coloured chandeliers to giant single bulbs. However, for something completely different, we particularly like the Glo Canvas fom Duffy London. These gorgeous backlit canvas’s, with a variety of different chandelier designs, are both work of art and unusual lighting solution, and are sure to add interest to any interior.

Whatever your style, budget or design preferences, home accessories are the perfect way to put your stamp on a room that may be in need of a little TLC – so treat your home to something beautiful.