Go Floral, with Flora and Fauna Lamp Shade

When spring is just around the corner it’s nice to take some inspiration from nature when it comes to your interiors, and what better way to do this than to bring some pretty flora and fauna inside?

At Design My World we have gorgeous lamp shades available which take their inspiration from the natural world, such as the beautiful Flower Shade by Richard Yorke.

This delicate, translucent white shade takes the form a peaceful looking limpid lily, and will add a romantic yet fresh and light look to any living space.

Perfect for everywhere from the lounge or dining room, to the bedroom or hall, this Flower shade will add that perfect touch of prettiness to any room of the home.

On a practical note, it comes in a choice of sizes, arrives conveniently flat packed and has an exceptionally low price point for a designer piece.

When warmer weather inspires you to freshen up your home, take a look at our pieces which reflect nature and enjoy a taste of the great outdoors in your home, without any need for daily watering!