Funky Clocks For Your Home

When you’re thinking about ways to refresh the inside of your home, what comes into your mind? Painting and decorating? Putting up new wallpaper? Getting a new carpet? These are often big jobs, requiring big budgets.

When it comes to interior design, sometimes it’s the small things that make the difference.

More than just a way of telling the time

Take funky clocks for example. Choosing the right timepiece can alter the atmosphere, set the mood and sometimes reveal a new side of your home’s character. And it involves no paint fumes, no messy wallpaper paste, no trudging around warehouses looking for the right colour matches.

In the days before iPods, Kindles and other modern home accessories, you could tell a lot about a person by the CDs and books on their shelves. Now everything has gone digital, people entering your home will look for other clues to your character. And that’s where funky clocks and modern home accessories  become more than just a way of telling the time. They become a chance for you to say something about yourself.

Is that a real record?

If you’re into music, consider a Golden Record Clock .  It looks fun, enjoys being the centre of attention and is a great conversation starter — people may ask you if it’s a real record, wonder if you had a number one hit, or want to pick it up to see if it’s worth its weight in gold.

If you’re someone who likes a bit of randomness in their life, take a look at thKarlsson Random Clock . The numbers are in order, but only just. It will help give your home a sense of playfulness and unpredictability.

If you’re looking for something sophisticated, there’s the Fantome Ghost Clock . Its elegant design, showered in exquisite etchings, means it will lend a sense of occasion to any room.