Find the Right Contemporary Lighting Solution For You

There’s nothing worse than a bland interior scheme that reflects nothing of the designer's personality. At Design My World we think that your home should reflect aspects of who you are, and you shouldn’t be afraid to add your stamp to any interior.

Contemporary lighting offers a great opportunity to be bold and have fun with design pieces in your interior spaces. When you browse Design My World you are sure to be drawn to certain products, so go with your instincts. Our instinctive choices are often our truest as they’re yet to be clouded by external influences or conflicting considerations, so keep it simple and trust your gut.

The Mega Bulb Light by Sofie Refer and the Normann Bau Pendant are two wonderfully different contemporary lighting pieces that will appeal to completely different personality types.

The Mega Bulb is quite possibly the simplest lighting design imaginable, adding a superb outer glass casing to a large hanging bulb. Clear and pure, this piece is for those who love simplicity, clean lines and transparency. No fuss and no hype, this piece is all about letting crisp, clear light shine through into any space which needs illumination.

The Normann Bau Pendant, on the other hand, is the perfect piece for bright, bold, colourful personalities. A shock of primary yellow, red and blue, this design is both complicated and simple at the same time, and has a childish playfulness about it that induces wonderment and curiousity.

Busy, bright and beautiful, this pendant encourages movement, laughter and chat, and would be a great addition to a sociable space.

Of course, at Design My World we know that there are many other factors to take into consideration when choosing contemporary lighting for an interior scheme. The piece has to fit into the space, perform the function that you require and complement the existing tone of the surroundings. However, you may find that, when you listen to your instincts, you tick every box without even trying, and intuitively choose that perfect design piece which you will love forever.