Extreme Lounging Mighty-B And Monster-B Bean Bag Chairs.

Extreme Lounging Mighty-B And Monster-B Bean Bag Chairs.


The Mighty and Monster bean bag chairs from Extreme Lounging give bean bags what they deserve. To be called furniture. These bean bags are sturdy, colourful and made in the United Kingdom. This unique bean bag is available in three sizes, eleven stunning colours that fit into all interiors even extreme ones. 

The chairs are comfortable, really comfortable, possibly the most comfortable bean bags on the market. The clever design features air vents so when you sit down the chairs breath and take on your shape keeping it until you come back and sit down. The fabric is double stitched giving you a well made strong product that will last and last. The Polyurethane (PU) fabric used is breathable and water resistant. All bean bags have polystyrene balls inside making each of the bean bags really light and easy to move from room to room. 

The three sizes include kids bean bag chairs, the Mighty Bean Bag chair and the huge Monster bean bag chair. All cleverly designed for the UK and European markets. All sizes come in eleven fabulous colours that really do fit into our everyday interior colour schemes.

Extreme B-bag bean bag chairs are also available as an outdoor version which are also made from a Polyurethane (PU) fabric which is water resistant and a UV layer that keeps the suns rays from fading the colours. All outdoor bean bags are double stitched and tough so as to be long lasting and hard wearing be it on your patio, by your pool, in your garden or up a ski slope. 

Design and look is important for the B-bags to stand out. So there is a beautifully crafted Might-b quilted version which looks great indoor and outdoor and is also available in eleven great colours. 

Luxury is synonymous with the Extreme Lounging bean bag chairs and if you want real luxury then the Fur bean bag will take you to the limit of style. These beautiful, soft, cozy bean bag chairs will warm you up on those cold winter nights. The Fur is 100% real sheep skin so softness is the real deal. Double stitched and filled with polystyrene beads these awesome bean bag chairs are the ultimate in bean bag sophistication. 

If that's not enough the Might-B now comes in a leather look version with four modern and contemporary colours to choose from. Slate, Tan, Charcoal and Chestnut.

Kids love these bean bag chairs because that can sit upright and play computer games and not be slouched. It gives them a place to relax when home from school and also looks fab in their rooms.