Contemporary Lighting: Bubbles and Baubles

There’s something about the perfect glass orb that soothes the eyes and calms the soul. At Design My World we know the magical properties of bubbles and baubles, and seek out contemporary lighting solutions that feature smooth, simple curves.

The Ice Chandelier is the perfect example of how cool, calming spheres can make up a beautiful and stunning design piece. This gorgeous, award-winning chandelier is made up of six or nine suspended balls made from hand blown glass, and is available is icy blue, cool clear or smoky black.

It makes a divine centrepiece for any room – one which your eyes can’t help be drawn to. Why not hang over a dining table to take advantage of the stunning drop style, or from the high ceiling of a hallway?

Another contemporary light made up from beautiful, joyful bubbles is the Innermost Beads pendant. A stunning cluster of gleaming orbs, this design piece uses metal beads rather than glass, and the real innovation lies in the positioning of the baubles. Their clever geometry means that, when illuminated, infinite reflections are created on the flawless surfaces of the balls.

This pendant light is perfect for any room where you want to make a big impression, and would suit both a modern and a more traditional scheme. Available in chrome, copper and black it would fit perfectly into an interior with metallic accents.

Beautiful bubbles and baubles look incredibly tactile, particularly in smooth materials such as glass and metal. They’ll add interest and texture to any interior scheme and any room, and have an unusual relaxing quality that is something to be surely coveted at the end of a hectic day.

So sit back, relax and float away with contemporary lighting from Design My World.