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Bica Chair



The BICAChair and Tables are classic chair and table design for restaurants and bars which have become iconic symbols of the Portuguese industrial aesthetic. Created during the 1950's the BICAChair become synonymous with the outdoor lifestyle so widely enjoyed in all of Portugal’s cities. The popularity of the design has given it a place in the Lisbon Museum of Design and Fashion (MUDE). When looking at the simple design and beautiful curved metal one can only appreciate the decades of effort and time that went into making this chair a true icon. Now 70 years from its inception the design has been tweaked to bring it up to date with a modern manufacturing process. The outdoor version is anti-corrosive using modern techniques, so they can withstand 20 years of the toughest outdoor conditions. The Indoor version now available with wooden, cork and fabric seats and backs.  The BICAChair has been designed in such a way that owners of restaurants and bars can stack the chairs in piles of up to 5 units enabling space saving and safe storage when not in use. The chairs are available in indoor and outdoor version they come in a myriad of colours including all colours on the RAL colourway system that means over 200 colour options. The ideal choice for interior designers and architects for restaurants, bars, office canteens, hotel bars, hotel restaurants and outdoor commercial seating.





Bica Chair Yellow





 bica chair table and chairs indoors


bica chair table and chair  white




bica chairs and tables outdoor white





 bica chair schematic design


bica table schematic and dimensions


 bica chair yellow bica table blue


For all commerical enquiries and pricing for the BICAChair and BICA Table range please contact Dean on 08443574508 or email