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Stolen Form Tin Can Mug Large
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Workspace and Office

When planning interior design, a little versatility goes a long way. For example, if you work from home and space is at a premium, think about how you can easily and quickly transform an area from one in which you work to one in which you rest.

 If you’re holding meetings, think about the type of chairs you want to use. A chair that is stiff and formal may be perfect for the office but perhaps you also want it to be suitable in the home. Our range of chairs is designed to be suitable in both environments, giving you freedom and flexibility to organise your home the way you want.

Keep an eye on the time. Our clocks come in a range of shapes and sizes, enabling you to match functionality with fashion. You’ll find everything from futuristic, engraved steel to multi-coloured, funky designer aluminium to quirky, stylish and subtle wood.

After you’ve designed your surroundings, it’s time to organise your desktop. Take your pick from a selection of chic organisers that will hold pens, files, and much more. And for the paperwork that you no longer want, crumple it up and let it land in one of our crumpled waste paper baskets. As with many of our products, it offers an unexpected twist to a routine product, adding a unique sense of style to your environment.

To promote a sense of playfulness in your office and keep you calm during times of stress, add some funky office products. If you have lots of books, consider employing a desk butler to help you minimise clutter and keep things organised and under control. If you like to brainstorm at your desk, make sure you can scribble down your ideas and concepts by keeping a suitably stylish memo pad nearby.

And for those times when you need to shed some light on a tough piece of work, consider adding lighting in the form of a table light or lamp. Not only are they practical, they also add character to a desk.

 At the end of a day it’s important to be able to put your work out of sight and out of mind. One of the best ways to do this is by making use of suitable storage. Evaluate the size of your office space and decide whether there is space for a cabinet, or if it’s more practical to put up shelves.