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The bathroom is one room most visitors are likely to visit, and our exclusive range will give you some interior design inspiration. If you’re going for classy minimalism, the right type of mirror can reflect and enhance the mood. If you want to instil a sense of fun, for adults or kids, consider the effect that unexpected twist to a normally functional item can have, for example the use of a quirky bin or unusual hook for hanging towels and dressing gowns.

For those times when only a hot, relaxing bath or shower will do, the right kind of candles in the right kind of candle holders can help set the atmosphere. Or, for a modern touch, try a stylish bulb paired with a sophisticated light fitting. When it comes to storage, the bathroom can be the perfect opportunity to maximise your space. Is there room around or underneath your sink? If not, you could look higher by fitting a chic display cabinet or some floating shelves to the wall.