Poncho Weather Protection Covers (medium/large)


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      Easily attached to the top of the TiiPii Bed in minutes to protect from all elements of weather when set up outside. 

       Utterly perfect for Glamping, festivals and pop up events, it allows the freedom to leave all interior accessories like cushions and throws inside, simply unzip and enjoy.

       The Poncho Cover can also be creatively used to turn the hanging daybed into a cozy floating teepee tent, so it can be enjoyed -or camped inside-anytime 

      Featuring one main door entry & multiple windows that can be tied back or zipped closed to keep the warmth and atmosphere in… and a bug netting layer to keep mosquitos out.

      • Attaches in minutes
      • Water Proof protection
      • Anti-Mould & Anti-UV
      • Recommended for protecting the TiiPii Bed if set up outside for extended periods of time
      • Free shipping to most European countries


      Purchasing from outside the UK?  If you order from the EU or the USA items are shipped from our warehouses within the EU and USA. This means that you will pay no extra duties or taxes and your items will arrive quickly.


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