Tips for Lighting Up Your Home

Posted on February 01 2023

Tips for Lighting Up Your Home

Interior lighting can play an important role in enhancing the overall appeal and function of a space. When well-designed and installed, it can provide a welcoming environment and help to reduce the need for natural light. There are a variety of different types of interior lighting available, so it is important to choose the right option for the specific space. Like the ONE FOOT TALLER Ethel pendant fits perfectly into your contemporary or Victorian Home,

 Some of the most common types of interior lighting include task lighting, accent lighting, general lighting, and hallway lighting. Each type has its own benefits and should be chosen based on the specific needs of the space. The INNERMOST  DROP PENDANT is suitable to hang over your living space, dining room table or Kitchen but can also be an accent drop light in a corner space or hallway. 

 Task lighting can be used to provide a uniform light source for work areas, while accent lighting can be used to highlight specific features or areas. General lighting can be used to fill the space with a bright, welcoming light, and hallway lighting can be used to light the way as people walk down a hallway. Desk lighting adds another dimension to a room with a colourful lamp shade and subtle lighting to give a cosy feel to the space. The WEARENOOK /KIN Esme lamp does al of this. 


 It is important to carefully consider the type of interior lighting that will best suit the needs of the space. skilled lighting professionals can help to select the perfect type of light for any given space. When done correctly, interior lighting can add value and functionality to a space. See our lighting range at LIGHTING 


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