One Foot Taller Cube Lit Table Indoor


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      A great addition to your interior. This glowing side table can be used as a bedside table, a glowing seat in your living room or get the outdoor version for your patio or deck. These funky table/stools add that luxury hotel feel to any interior. Made from Polyethylene they are easily cleaned and hardy

      The Cube Lit Table is also perfect fro commercial settings like restaurants, bars and hotels.

      Originally designed for a Graven Images bar and club interior in Edinburgh, it has since been used for public buildings, restaurants and homes all around UK and Europe.

      Supplied wired with an E27 fitting and inline switch, white.

      For projects, specials can be ordered with different wiring or rechargeable mobile modules IP44.

      Colour: Natural white (glows to show bulb colour very clearly).

      NB.  This One Foot Taller product has a lead time of 3-4 weeks as it is made to order.  We will keep you informed. Or email us for the latest stock details.
      Use LED lamps with a screw-in E27 or E14 fitting and a frosted glass or plastic outer bulb for diffuse light, or clear bulb with filament look or calex pearl dots if you'd like a more decorative look.

      LEDs give off a much clearer, more pleasant light than CFLs (compact flourescents) and are more efficient than a lot of other lighting. E27 fittings seem to have the biggest choice available and they tend to fit more reliably than bayonet. E14 come in smaller sizes which can be very handy. Some LED bulbs are dimmable and some aren't, choose carefully if you have a dimmer.

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