Funky Clocks and Where to Hang Them

Every room needs a clock, and at Design My World there’s a clock for every room. If you need some inspiration when it comes to where to hang cool, quirky and funky clocks, Design My World is here to help:

Add Colour to a Blank Canvas

A blank wall is the perfect place to hang a funky clock. Why not choose something bright and bold that will make a real eye-catching feature? 

Choose a Feature Time Piece

When you browse at Design My World you’ll quickly realise that clocks don’t need to be boring, functional pieces. They can make fabulous features or ornaments to add character and personality to a space, while also performing a practical function.

Funky Clocks are the perfect buy to liven up a dull space. Whether you choose something bright and bold, or something subtly fascinating, it’s sure to add interest to any space. Just try not to spend too much time admiring your stunning, innovative, stylish new clock.