Create Beautiful Bedroom Light with Lovely Lamp Shades

When it comes to the lighting in bedrooms it’s important to get the right balance. Sleep time suits a softer light, but as bedrooms are not just for sleeping you’ll also want to be able to see to read, put make up on, and do whatever else you may do in your private space.

A bedroom should be a haven of rest and relaxation, where you can draw the curtains, climb into a soft, warm cocoon and enjoy being in your very own sanctuary. Hard, harsh lighting simply won’t do, so Design my World has found some beautifully gentle lamp shades to protect your eyes from bulb glare.

The Flower Shade by Richard Yorke is a delicate design that should only be used with a 20w bulb. This makes it perfect for a spot of light layering. For example, you could supplement it with several table or wall lights, for a versatile bedroom lighting system.

Bedrooms are the perfect place in which to indulge your romantic side, and a beautiful shade should be a key feature in every boudoir. 

A bedroom should be a sumptuous space that instantly soothes, and the right lighting can be key in achieving this. Think soft, gentle and romantic and you’re sure to find the perfect lamp shade for your bedroom within the Design my World range.