Mind The Gap Sugarboo Small People Wallpaper


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      Ignite Joy and Creativity in Kids' Bedrooms or Playrooms with Sugarboo's Playful Little People Wallpaper: A Kaleidoscope of Color and Whimsy. Designed exclusively for Mind The Gap, this vibrant wallpaper features a delightful print of people dancing in rows, adorned with hats and dresses, creating a lively and enchanting atmosphere. The fun-filled scene, bursting with a variety of colors, brings an element of excitement and imagination to any space. Perfect for kids' bedrooms or playful playrooms, this captivating wallpaper sparks joy and fosters a sense of wonder. Transform your child's room into a magical haven of laughter and creativity with Sugarboo's Little People Wallpaper, where imagination knows no bounds.

      Dimensions: 3 rolls x 52x300 cm / 20.5x118.1 in

      Surface Area covered : 4.65m2.

      Roll width : 0.52m / 20.5in

      Roll Length : 3m / 118in

      Surface : Non-woven

      N.B These items are non-refundable and non-returnable due to small runs. You can buy an A4 sample sheet if you are unsure.

      lead time 10-14 days . These items are commissioned short runs and have to be ordered in.

      With this order you will receive 3 rolls of wallpaper each 52cm x 300cm and equal to 4.65m2.

      Please be sure of your purchase before buying.

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